Mark Luft for State Representative

Veteran. Leader. Conservative.



    About Mark   

Mark Luft is an Army veteran who has dedicated his life to serving his community,

state, and country. A lifelong resident of Pekin, Mark has worked throughout his

career to improve the economic well-being of families and businesses in Illinois. 

From his years running the Pekin Youth League to his efforts on Pekin’s City Council

to his tenure as Mayor, Mark has worked tirelessly to fight for a better future for his

neighbors across his community.

Now, Mark serves as state representative, having won his seat in 2020 with 63% of
the vote. 

For too long, our parties have failed to work together, and any hope of economic

progress has been stalled. Like the people of the 91st District, Mark understands that to get anything done, we need increased communication between Democrats and Republicans and the local, state, and federal levels.   

Mark Luft for State Representative

As Mayor, Mark has a proven record of leadership and the know-how to get both parties communicating to move our state forward. Mark’s mission is clear: to achieve fiscal responsibility, promote positive ethical reforms to clean up our state and improve the quality of life for Illinoisans. 

Springfield politicians spend more time arguing or making backroom deals, rather than listening and increasing transparency. As a representative, Mark will always work with anyone willing to put politics aside for the betterment of our state. 


Mark continues to serve proudly as Mayor of Pekin. He and his wife Lelonie have five children.






High taxes are hurting families, and crippling businesses as tone-deaf politicians continue to advocate for more taxes. Unlike the tax and spend politicians that consume Springfield,


Mark will use his proven record to reach across the aisle and identify ways to stabilize our economy and draw in new businesses. 

Illinois is plagued with one ethics scandal after another. Corruption rules in Springfield and Illinoisans are fed up.


Mark will prioritize ethics reform by supporting measures that root out corruption at all levels of government. 

Illinois needs a sound plan to pay off our debts, balance our budget, and get us on the right trajectory toward fiscal solvency.


Having served as mayor, Mark has the know-how to bring Republicans and Democrats together in Springfield to start working on cutting out-of-control spending to move our state forward. 



Mark Luft for State Representative

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